2016 Workshop Series
About Undoing Racism

In early 2016, T.O. Philly hosted a workshop series on race and undoing racism. Each week we posted material here for folks both in and outside of the workshop to use. Each page archived here contains things to read, watch, hear and do: 
In March of 2016, we bring back our popular series on race and racism. Every Tuesday we'll explore this topic through a variety of exercises, Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, and discussions, supplemented by things to read and do between sessions. Our aim is to unlearn the systemic racism we’ve been taught throughout our lives, to heal from racial privilege and oppression, and to offer starting points for structural and personal change in ourselves, our communities, and our world. 

2016's Unpacking Race series will be led by a team of four facilitators (read about them below.) Because space is limited and each week's ideas build toward the next, we ask that participants commit to coming to all five sessions. Tuition is sliding scale: $45-$145, payable at the first session.

This workshop is full. To be put on the waiting list please email "tophilly@gmail.com" or leave a message at 267-282-1057.


Hariprasad Kowtha has dedicated his life to performance as a vector of identity and resistance. He sang bhajans with the South Asian community in Phoenix, Arizona, practiced Carnatic vocals and performed Bharathanatyam. He began practicing large and small group facilitation skills in early high school through the Unitown/Anytown camp program. He currently teaches yoga, meditation and movement at the Ahimsa House and at a Project Home facility in North Philadelphia with Sheltered Yoga. He joined T.O. Philly for Image Theatre in 2014 and continued in Mural Arts' Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge in 2015. He is a diabetes counselor at his childhood camp in Prescott, AZ.

Morgan Andrews is a Ukrainian-Irish-American activist-artist from a Muslim-Jewish-Catholic-Unitarian family. He co-founded Philadelphia Theatre of the Oppressed in 2008 having trained at TOPLAB in New York, with Jana Sanskriti in India, and with T.O.'s late founder Augusto Boal. He's since worked for LGBT youth in Philly, activists in Brazil, German citizens doing holocaust reconciliation work, and the general public. Morgan also teaches yoga and performs a solo show about dis/ability and passing.

Paloma N. Irizarry started her Theater of the Oppressed journey at Trinity College while pursuing her B.A. in Theater/Dance. In 2014 she moved to Philadelphia and attended the Blind Games workshops and continued to work with T.O. Philly for its summer project on Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge. At the same time Paloma has appeared in various performances, most recently "Capacity for Veracity", a devised piece created in collaboration with Mondegreen Collective for the Philly Fringe, and Alias Ellis McKenzie, a bilingual telenovela/biographic piece under the direction of Thaddeus Phillips.


Jessica Johnson has been part of T.O. Philly workshops since 2011 and worked on 2015's Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge with residents from Southeast Philly. She contributed to the planning of 2016's Unpacking Race series.

Ariel Morales has also been instrumental in designing curriculum for T.O. Philly's Unpacking Race series. Ariel laid the foundations for Unpacking Race and co-led our previous series in 2013.

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