a two-part Theatre of the Oppressed workshop

2 Session in Nov/Dec 2013
Facilitated by Morgan Andrews
at the Rotunda • 4014 Walnut Street
Tuition: $15-$35 sliding scale
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Theatre of the Oppressed uses group games and techniques to dramatize our world as it is, and then create models for how we’d like it to be.

This 2-part workshop, which we ran on two separate occasions in November and December of 2013, focused on transition—both in our society and in ourselves—and how these transitions relate to shifts in power, privilege, oppression and liberation. Some such transitions could include:
  • A person who develops and adapts to a disability.
  • A child becoming an adult, then a parent, and then a grandparent.
  • A family whose economic status changes with time and circumstances.
  • A neighborhood being built, populated, abandoned, and repopulated.
  • A person whose sexual and/or gender identities go through shifts.
  • A person or group who undergo changes in faith and/or culture.
  • An individual whose identity is perceived differently depending on what group that person is associating with, or by the work they do.
Participants found common ground through sharing and enacting stories, then the group reshaped these scenarios into new possibilities.  On the days between the two sessions, we had some take-home assignments to deepen and support our work as a group.  These included:

We also developed a popular education technique called the Status Roadmap, which uses index card to show the ups and down that transitions bring us over time.

These session were also used to develop ideas for a workshop with Temple University's Institute on Disabilaties in March of 2014.