Celebrate People's History with Jana Sanskriti!

It's finally here: The Celebrate People's History Poster about Jana Sanskriti, India's Theatre of the Oppressed movement. Founded in the villages of West Bengal in 1985, Jana Sanskriti combines aspects of Indian folk theatre with Augusto Boal's methods (particularly Forum Theatre), empowering people to change their society. To date, Jana Sanskriti's work has reached an estimated 3 million people.

This 11" × 17" 2-color offset poster, reproduced from a linoleum cut by Morgan Andrews, is just one in a series of more than 100 posters by 80 different artists. All of these posters are available online (cheap!) from the Just Seeds Artists Cooperative. They have also been compiled in Celebrate People's History: The Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution (The Feminist Press, 2010).

For posters and books, please visit the Just Seeds website. You can also obtain them directly from Philadelphia Theatre of the Oppressed by calling 215-730-0982.

2011 Summer Workshop Series

This is a notice about a past event. For information on upcoming events, click here.

"Visible & Invisible, Inside & Out"
A series of five 3-hour workshops
Wednesdays, July 13 through August 10, 1pm-4pm.
at Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Ave, West Philadelphia
Sliding-scale tuition: $50-$100 (no one refused for lack of $)

THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED is used by groups of people as a tool for liberation all over the world. Unlike other dramatic forms that divide spectator from actor, everyone in Theatre of the Oppressed is a "spect-actor" in workshops that serve as rehearsals for the performance of everyday life. Philadelphia Theatre of the Oppressed makes this work accessible to anyone who wants it—actors and activists, teachers and students, or anyone interested in personal and social change.

THIS 5-WEEK SERIES will highlight what’s visible and invisible within ourselves and the world around us. Each session will feature a particular sense—sight, hearing, touch, proprioception, and so on—through group games and theatrical techniques. When we highlight each of the senses, things that were once “invisible” to us take shape and become clear. By honing all of our senses, we can sharpen our perception of ourselves, our relationships, and society at large.

TO ATTEND THESE WORKSHOPS call 215-730-0982 or email “tophilly@gmail.com”. No prior theatre experience is necessary. Note that the “inside” portions of the workshops will happen in a comfortably air-conditioned space, the “outside” potions in a lovely park when the weather’s nice.