Theatre of the Oppressed 2-Day Training

Led by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
Saturday & Sunday May 23 & 24, 2015
2-6 PM both days (8 hours total)
at The Whole Shebang, 1813 S. 11th St.
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Theatre of the Oppressed (or "T.O." for short) uses theatre games and techniques to get at the injustices around us, and then proposes models for a more just society. In this 2-day workshop, we will unpack a bunch of social baggage through images, sounds, movement and words, and then take what we've revealed to collectively create a world we want. On Day 1, the group will build itself through exploration and discussion of T.O.'s techniques. On Day 2, we go deeper, talk a little T.O. theory and history, and learn how to carry what we've learned into the work we do as activists, educators, organizers and artists.

Space is limited! To be in this workshop, email "" or call 267-282-1057. Plan on being there both days, bookended by arriving a little early, and staying a little late. All are welcome to attend, all experiences welcome.

Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews has been making activist art and theatre in Philadelphia since 1998 and has traveled the world working with the likes of Beth Nixon from Philly/Providence, Vermont's Bread & Puppet Theater, and Jana Sanskriti in West Bengal. He discovered and trained in Theatre of the Oppressed in Brazil, New York and India, and started T.O. Philly in 2008 as way to make this work accessible and affordable in his home city. Morgan also teaches yoga and theatre around town, and creates performances with the Medium Theatre Company.

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Free Tuesday Workshop Series

Spotlight on...
Sound • Movement • Action
with Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
First Session: Tuesday May 12, 6-8PM
(others to follow—days + times TBA)
at The Whole Shebang, 1813 S. 11th
Preregister at ""
or leave a message at 267-282-1057

Theatre of the Oppressed uses images, sounds, movement, words and the art of playfulness as building blocks for devising performance. In this workshop we'll throw these items up in the air to see where they land with theatrical experiments and games from the T.O. canon. What we discover will strengthen individual and group skills, and also inform a new movement theatre piece launching this fall. 

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