The Rainbow of Desire

Saturday Nov. 14 • 10AM-5PM
A one-day workshop
led by Morgan Andrews
at the Whole Shebang 
1813 S. 11th Street
Tuition: $25-$75, sliding scale
Click here to pre-register
or email ""

Images, sounds, movement and words are the building blocks for this workshop about creating the world as we want it, with better schools, healthier workplaces, stronger relationships and whatever else we need. But when desires conflict, these goals don’t come easy and might even get muddled. This session builds from group games to theatrical simulations that put our desires in the spotlight where we can see their true colors. Then we’ll figure out whether each one is helpful, harmful, or a little of both.

Similar to the Cop in the Head technique, the Rainbow of Desire was developed by Theatre of the Oppressed founder Augusto Boal to get at internalized oppression. For more about Boal and Theatre of the Oppressed, follow the links on the righthand side of our website. More workshop info below:
  • The Whole Shebang is located at 11th and Moore Streets. Enter through the parking lot.
  • Each workshop includes a one-hour lunch break plus additional shorter breaks.
  • Space is limited—pre-register early to reserve your spot.
  • Tuition for each workshop is sliding scale, $25-$75 (you decide).
  • Pay online via The Whole Shebang's website, or reserve a spot by emailing "".
About the Facilitator: Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews has been making activist art and theatre in Philadelphia since 1998. He's traveled the world working with the likes of Beth Nixon from Philly/Providence, Vermont's Bread & Puppet Theater, and Jana Sanskriti in West Bengal. He discovered and trained in Theatre of the Oppressed in Brazil, New York and India, and started T.O. Philly in 2008 as way to make this work accessible and affordable in his home city. Morgan also teaches yoga and theatre around town, and creates performances with the Medium Theatre Company.

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