Workshops and Events in South Philly • Fall 2015

Sep. 13: Free Intro Workshop
Sep. 19: Mifflin Square Alliance Festival
Oct. 10: The Cop in the Head Workshop

Nov 14: Rainbow of Desire Workshop

RSVP via "" or 267-282-1057. Details and descriptions below.

This year Philadelphia Theatre of the Oppressed has teamed up with neighbors in South Philly as part of two new projects: Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge at 6th and Jackson Streets, and the Whole Shebang at 11th and Moore. Both spaces have been fertile grounds for gathering people and ideas to foster new collaborations for years to come. As summer ends we offer a free workshop at the Playgrounds Hub and take part in an event in Mifflin Square before moving indoors to the Whole Shebang for the fall.

Sunday Sept. 13 • 2PM-4PM
Intro to Theatre of the Oppressed
a free two-hour workshop
at Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge
632 Jackson Street (outdoors!)

Theatre of the Oppressed ("T.O." for short) began in South America during the 1960s and has since spread to 70 countries where it's used by educators and activists to create community-driven social change. T.O. can take the form of theatrical games, human sculptures, improvisational dramas or even fully-staged plays that the audience has the power to affect. In this 2-hour workshop, we will play some of T.O.'s best games and explore how they relate to the world around us and changes we want to make in that world. Free and open to all, no experience needed.

Please RSVP via "" or 267-282-1057. Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge is an outdoor space. In case of rain, this workshop will be postponed to a later date, TBD.

Saturday Sep. 19 • 4PM-8PM
Mifflin Square Alliance Festival
a free eventfor all ages
at Mifflin Square Park
on 6th St. between and Wolf and Ritner

T.O. Philly teams up with South Philly residents for a community-run celebration in Mifflin Square. Co-organized by the Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge committee, this outdoor festival is inspired by a growing alliance of the neighborhood’s diverse cultures.
  • PowerHouse Stage with music, dance and storytelling from neighborhood residents.
  • Useful Knowledge Workshops by individuals and organizations in South Philadelphia.
  • Kids Union features artistic and fun activities for young people.
  • South Philly Food Contest celebrates local cuisine in a juried contest.
  • Picnic Space where you can bring food to enjoy together.
The Mifflin Square Alliance Festival and Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge are a collaboration of Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program and Cohabitation Strategies.

Rain date: September 20, 4–8 p.m. For information, email or call 215-685-0752.

Saturday Oct. 10: The Cop in the Head
Saturday Nov. 14: The Rainbow of Desire
Two separate day-long workshops • 10AM-5PM
at the Whole Shebang • 1813 S. 11th Street
Click here to pre-register

In these two workshops led by Morgan Andrews, we will deconstruct our daily actions into their base components: images, movements, sounds, words and ideas. These building blocks form the structure of the Cop in the Head/Rainbow of Desire techniques aimed at challenging internalized oppression. These techniques physicalize our inhibitions and desires by putting them "on stage" where we can deal them in the flesh. In each session the group will share, embody and unpack real-life situations while asking important questions about the shared goals of personal growth and social change.

TO PRE-REGISTER, send an email to "" or call 267-282-1057. Tuition is sliding scale, $25-$75 per session. Click here to pay online. Worktrade is available.

Got a question? Email "" or leave a message at 267-282-1057.

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