The Cop & The Rainbow

Running Tuesdays, April 22-May 6
Facilitated by Morgan Andrews  
Three evening sessions: 6:45-9:30pm
at the Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street
Tuition is sliding scale, $10-$20 per session
Pre-register by emailing ""

Come learn the skills and ideas that build up to the Cop in the Head/Rainbow of Desire techniques devised by Theatre of the Oppressed founder Augusto Boal. Sometimes called "the Boal method of theatre and therapy", these techniques take all of our inhibitions and desires and put them on stage where we can deal them in the flesh. Over the course of three Tuesdays, this group will share, embody and unpack personal stories while asking important questions about the shared goals of personal growth and social change.


Morgan Andrews jumped into artmaking and theatre-as-activism in the late 1990s. He helped start Philly's Puppet Uprising in 2000 and has organized street theatre protest-parades and pageants with a network of artist-activists all over the globe. Morgan discovered and trained in Theatre of the Oppressed in Brazil, New York and India, and then founded T.O. Philly in 2008 as a way to make this work accessible and affordable in his home city. He also teaches yoga and creates plays with the Medium Theatre Company.

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