Theatre of the Oppressed
for Mental Health Professionals

A workshop with Erika Barrington 
and Amy Capomacchio
Sunday • October 13 • 12:15–2:45 p.m.
at Studio 34 • 4522 Baltimore Ave. 

A dozen people participated in this workshop tailored to mental health professionals—therapists, counselors, peer specialists, social workers, and the like. Over the course of the afternoon we used Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to embody images and dynamics within the mental health care system. We explored the role of the institution and opened a dialogue about the relationship between therapeutic goals and the goals of social change. This was also an opportunity for people who primarily use verbal therapeutic interactions to explore what embodiment adds to their work.

About the Facilitators:

Erika Barrington and Amy Capomacchio each hold a Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy from Drexel University. They began work with Philadelphia Theatre of the Oppressed in 2010  and developed methods for bringing T.O. games and techniques into their work as therapists. This fall, they will present a Theatre of the Oppressed workshop at the American Dance Therapy Association's national conference in New York City.

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